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In 2023, I had the pleasure of participating in the 4 Keys to Hearing God’s Voice and Spiritual Warfare virtual classes facilitated by Patty Graham.  Each week, I  looked forward to joining the classes’ bi-weekly sessions given the phenomenal teaching provided by Patty and the lively  discussion of other course participants.  The depth, intentionality, & preciseness of the teaching both challenged & encouraged my heart to pursue a deeper walk with the LORD.  Additionally, these classes provided the unique opportunity to be surrounded by other mature followers of Christ that consistently shared wisdom and guidance that enabled me to grow.  I am thankful Rose of Sharon Expressions offers these classes & highly recommend them to individuals interested in growing their relationship with Jesus.  


Rebekah L.  WA


Tuesday classes that I have taken brought a depth and a scope to many things that I had heard, believed, and known but now click together like puzzle pieces. Dr Patty gives real life examples that show applications personally and corporately. I had read the text she taught previously and learned from it. This was different and very apparent for today. I am grateful for the opportunity to learn anew!


Sharon P.  GA


I just personally wanted to thank Patty and all the team at Rose  of Sharon Ministries. Their  prayers have beyond blessed my life. In turn I am able to bless and talk to others.   The Tuesday night classes have become an integral part of my life. I feel like I belong and that feels good. There are days and certain weeks where that’s what I look forward to just to connect with the Lord. Some weeks I have to fight just to get on the Zoom call. But I know once I do I am about to connect with heaven, God and His heavenly perspective. He has given me heavenly strategy in areas of my life to walk in victory and healing. I am really grateful, because I was severely abused as a child.  These classes are bringing healing  from severe trauma that I just can not get from the local church. Group participation is encouraged. So if you get a revelation or see God’s word in a different light you get to share what you’re seeing and hearing. The group participation is one of the best parts. One time a young lady shared a story of healing and it was just how I needed to hear it. I was healed of a 45 year wound that I had been carrying. I always look forward to the Tuesday night classes. God’s goodness and glory always shows up!

Greg W.  MI




"Being able to have a small group experience by zoom with the different classes that Patty has hosted, as well as connecting strongly with my church body has been God’s avenue of my healing deliverance….. both The fathers house church and Rose community."

Barbara Z    OK



I am completing my second time through the Hearing God class, and I must say that I have gleaned as much the second time around!  Dr Patty Graham is a wonderfully spirit led instructor.  Not only does she cover the curriculum, but she adds supplemental material as the spirit leads, which is right on time for what we are experiencing. 


I have found that through the Spiritual Warfare class, I have gained a deeper understanding of both personal and territorial spiritual warfare, but I believe the greatest blessings has been the revelation and activation that I have received through Dr. Graham.  She is truly an Apostolic Activator!  I truly believe that I am being equipped through the classes that I am taking through ROSE. 

Jody Gafford   OK



Patty’s Spiritual Warfare Class

Wow! All I can say is wow! As we were going through this class, I felt my spirit come alive! Just by the words Patty was saying, faith was activated!

In the last class, one “nugget” she shared was “Don’t agree with the facts of your situation,  but agree with God and what He can do to change your situation! If you agree with God, you release the angelic! Don’t agree with the enemy. Deny the authority of staying in the “facts” and speak the truth! The truth is My God shall supply all my need according to His riches in glory! The truth trumps the facts and changes it! The truth is God is the God of abundance! Agree with His word, keep speaking the truth to see it manifest! This is a form of warfare and you will displace the enemy when you speak the truth!”

When Patty said this, FAITH was activated! I was stirred in my spirit to believe in the promises of God! I started to write out the promises and declare them over my life. There are things we know, but sometimes you get weary in the battle and forget to fight with the Word. I am making a conscious effort to agree with God and his plans, and not the enemy’s.

Thank you Patty for being willing to teach these classes! They are truly life-changing!

Jo  OK


If you are looking for someone that truly lives out what they teach, and is one that will sharpen you as it says in Proverbs 27:17, then you will benefit from Dr. Patty Graham.


She truly teaches and equips you to find and perceive the Lord for yourself and encourages you to mature in your personal relationship with Him and not rely upon man alone to hear the Lord for you. 


Her personal relational experience and sensitivity with Holy Spirit really shines through during her teachings. Although she has a wealth of wisdom and knowledge to share, there is always the focus on what His agenda is. If you ever get the opportunity to glean from her, you can rest assured she is led by the Spirit of Truth. 


I appreciate how she gives previous as well as current day examples that make the topics easy to follow and apply to your personal life/situations. 


Every teaching and ministry time I have been apart of with Dr. Graham has always kept my focus on the Godhead. She has an excellence about her to point you to Him, not a particular person, minister or location. 


- Heather, OK

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